Pharmacy First Advanced service has launched




New Advanced Pharmacy First Service  

Pharmacy First is a new service provided by NHS England to help you get access to the right care from the right person at the right time for seven common conditions that require advice and treatment. Instead of having to go to your GP practice for this, which potentially could cause a delay in your treatment, you can go straight to a pharmacy offering Pharmacy First, or be referred by your GP Practice, NHS111 or another medical or emergency care setting. 

The seven common conditions are:

  1. Ear Infections - Acute Otitis Media Distance Selling Pharmacies will not complete consultations for Acute Otitis Media - Aged 1 to 17 years
  2. Impetigo - Aged 1 year and over 
  3. Infected insect bites - Aged 1 year and over 
  4. Shingles - Aged 18 years and over 
  5. Sinusitis - Aged 12 years and over 
  6. Sore throat - Aged 5 years and over 
  7. Uncomplicated urinary tract infections - Women aged 16 to 64 years 

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Published: Feb 27, 2024