A Healthier Future for Roehampton




A free community-led health & wellbeing event for everyone in Roehampton

25th Februrary, 2023

11am - 4pm

Roehampton Sport & Fitness Centre
Laverstoke Gardens
SW15 4JB

About the event

Roehampton based Estate Art alongside the NHS, WCEN and it's partners welcome you and the community to a locally led event focussing on health and wellbeing. A special thank you to the local schools for their wonderful art bags which will be given out on the day!

Our community is facing many health inequalities that we must tackle together. Come along for your benefit and for a healthier and happier Roehampton.

What you can expect

  • Blood Pressure, BMI, Diabetes
  • Cost of Living Information & Help
  • Wellbeing Support
  • Employment Opportunities

and much more

Published: Feb 3, 2023