Family Planning and Sexual Health




Any doctor and also our nurse can see you for advice about contraception, including emergency contraception. We can fit and remove contraceptive coils at the surgery.



You can now self-refer as soon as you know that you are pregnant to hospital of your choice. filling out your sefl referral promptly, will ensure you receive maternity care that takes into account all your health needs and preferences. 

From 8 weeks of pregnancy or within 2 weeks of your referral you can expect to receive two appointments:

  • Your 'booking assessment' appointment with a midwife
  • An ultrasound scan appointment

Image of a pregnant woman

Antenatal and preconception advice is available at the surgery. We will provide care throughout the pregnancy, arrange for your delivery in hospital and carry out a post-natal check 6 weeks after delivery. A double appointment is recommended for antenatal check ups.


Image of a baby being weighed

Baby Clinic

Your newborn baby should be brought in for a check up with the doctor when he/she is 8 weeks old. This check up also includes their 1st immunisations which the practice nurse will administer.

Please note 8 week immunisations can not be given without baby having their 8 week check with the GP first. 

We typically have appointments on Monday afternoons with Dr Bloch and our practice nurse to accomodate this, but occasionally other days are available.  It is important to take your baby to the SureStart Roehampton Clinic to be weighed less than a week before the appointment and also to bring your baby's red book with you.