For urgent appointments, you required to undertake a symptom assessment through Doctorlink.

To access the online symptom checker, you will need to register using the link below.

The symptom checker will ask you a number of questions to help to identify your problem. The outcome of your assessment will direct you to the right treatment, whether emergency care, your GP, nurse or self care.

Image of DoctorLink app on a phone

If your outcome indicates that an appointment is required at the Surgery you will need to click on the request appointment link.

Once the request has been submitted, you will then be contacted by the practice team, to arrange an appointment within the identified time frame (the appointment time frame will show in the outcome of your symptom checker).

The information you provided in the symptom checker will be shared with our clinical team (where appropriate) and will assist in providing them with the information of your problem prior to your appointment.

Register / log in to Doctorlink